The Society publishes Periodical, Books, JSNDI Standards, etc.,
and distributes Reference Blocks and Gauges.



Every month the Society publishes an issue of the, “Official Journal of JSNDI”, covering topics such as research from the technical committees, reports from the various groups within the JSNDI, and general news such as announcements of recently held events.

●Books & DVD

JSNDI publishes various books related to the main methods of NDT and other topics. For those looking for a basic introduction to Non-Destructive Testing, JSNDI offers a DVD appropriately called, “NDT Introduction”. This DVD can be viewed in both Japanese and English and is recommended by Japan`s Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.
Books/DVD Title JapaneseJP EnglishEN
DVD NDT Introduction
Books Introduction of NDT
Books Radiographic Testing
Books Ultrasonic Testing
Books Acoustic Emission Testing
Books Magnetic Particle Testing
Books Liquid Penetrant Testing
Books Eddy Current Testing
Books Strain Measurement
Books Infrared Thermographic
Book Illustrated NDT Outline for Supervisors and Beginners
Book Leak Testing
Book Non-Destructive Testing Easy Explanation Vol.1
Book Jsndi Standards(NDIS)

Reference Blocks & Gauges

Blocks & Gauges Sort Number of types
Standard Test Blocks For ultrasonic testing 19
Standard Test Pieces For magnetic particle testing 19
Standard Test Piece For leak testing 1
Reference Block For ultrasonic thickness measurement 1
Reference Block For liquid penetrant testing 1
Classification gauges Classification gauges for radiographic testing 3
Standard gauges Visual calibration gauge on MT and PT 3