Domestic Academic Activities

JSNDI has a variety of technical committees supporting academic investigation and research on NDT. Technical papers and reviews appear in the official, "Journal of JSNDI". The Research and Technical Development Center was established for the purpose of strengthening academic investigation and research functions, and as an academic database.

●Research & Technical Committees

There are eight elemental technology divisions, and four applied technology divisions. Each division holds meetings for the presentation of research papers and open symposium. In addition, each also has several specialized sub-committees which supports the Society with standardization activities.
Research and Technical committees Number of Subcommittees Number of Members (approx.)
Radiographic Testing 0 350
Ultrasonic Testing 1 900
Magnetic Particle,Penetrant and Visual Testing 1 470
Electromagnetic Testing 1 210
Leak Testing 0 90
Stress and Strain Measurement 2 150
Acoustic Emission 0 120
Infrared Thermographic Testing 0 140
In-Proccess Inspection 0 150
Maintenance Inspection 1 330
Non-Destructive Testing of Reinforced Concrete 7 300
Non-Destructive Evaluation of New Materials 0 120

●Ad Hoc Research & Technical Groups

These groups exchange information on particular topical issues to promote technical development and common understanding and are formed for a limited time of two years. The following two groups are active as of September 1, 2019. Each group holds two to three meetings a year.
Ad Hoc Research & Technical Groups
Study group of exploratory technologies on ultrasonic measurements
Study group on cosα method for X-ray residual stress measurement -Standardization and applicability evaluation in the field-

●Annual Conferences and Symposiums

The annual conference focuses on all sectors of nondestructive inspection, testing, and evaluation techniques, and is held once a year, in fall in another selected area of Japan.
Symposiums: Symposiums, which focus on specific technical themes, are held on a regular basis every year. The following symposiums are currently being held.
Symposium on Non-destructive Inspection Stress-Strain Measurment and Strength Evaluation
NDE of Radiographic Testing Acoustic Emission
NDE of Ultrasonic Testing NDE of New Materials
Non-destructive Surface Testing NDT of Concrete Structure

International Academic Activities

The Society sponsors an International Acoustic Emission Symposium (IAES) every two years, and co-sponsored the US-Japan Symposiums on Advances in NDT which were held in Hawaii in 1996, 1999, 2005, 2010, 2014 and 2018. It also cooperates with WCNDT, APCNDT, ECNDT and APFNDT as a member society.