Named after the abbreviation for Non-destructive inspection & Evaluation
October 25, 1952 (*When The Japanese Society for
Non-destructive Inspection was founded (?))
The Non-destructive Planet
About 50 centimeters
Everyone’s smile, Mom and Dad, Marshmallow
Non-destructive inspection, Nondie wink
He is a shy crybaby, but in fact, he has a very strong sense of justice. He is still a small child, but he inspects various things on Earth with his specialty skill, non-destructive inspection. He protects our safe and peaceful life.


Nondie is a child who lives on the “Non-destructive Planet”.
His parents and many others also live there. They protect many planets in the universe. Every one of them keeps an eye on each planet.
The job of the people living on the Non-destructive Star is to protect the peace and safety of the planets in the universe.
Every day, Nondie goes to Non-destructive School and studies hard to become a great Star Guard.
One day, there was an emergency meeting at his school. The principal, who is always gentle and smiley, looked very nervous.
“Do you know a planet called ‘Earth’?”
He started to speak calmly.
According to him, people living on Earth are very smart and they possess a high technological level.
Over their long history, they have invented large buildings, vehicles that can carry many people, complex machines, and so on. As a result, the Earth has become a very convenient and developed planet.
At the same time, however, Earth has become full of dangers, such as breakdowns and accidents.
In addition, they throw away the things one after another that have been broken or outdated.
It seems that they lack the heart of treasuring things, which all the residents of the Non-destructive Star possess for the sake of the planets and their future.
“This would ruin the Earth,” Nondie thought sadly.
The principal continued.
“So we decided to send a student from this school to Earth. We want the student to make Earth a safe and peaceful planet.”
The students started murmuring. It was natural, because it seemed very scary for them to leave their family and friends and go to a distant planet alone.
But Nondie knew how wonderful Earth was, because his parents always told him about it.
The blue sky that expands forever, the blue of the beautiful sea, fresh plants, colorful flowers, animals living together, and the affection for someone else...
“I will go to Earth!”
Nondie raised his hand and said, suprising the students around him.
They knew he was a shy crybaby.
But he has made up his mind.
‘I have to go to Earth to prevent more dangerous things from occurring, and help the people there recall the heart to treasure things.’
“Thank you very much. Earth needs your braveness and kindness.”
The principal held his hands tightly.
The day of his departure came.
Nondie’s parents gave him a cloak. Its color was red like the flame that symbolizes a strong will that will never be defeated by any fear or hardship. It has been handed down in Nondie’s family from generation to generation.
When he put on the cloak, he felt as if he was brimming with courage, without knowing why.
“I’m sure everyone will become happy!”
Holding on to that belief, Nondie said good-bye to his friends, and left for Earth.