Named after the abbreviation for Non-Destructive Inspection & Evaluation
October 25, 1952 (*When the original JSNDI voluntary group was founded)
The Non-Destructive Planet
About 50 centimeters
Everyone’s smile, Mom and Dad, Marshmallows
Non-Destructive Inspection, Nondie wink
He is a shy crybaby, but makes up for it with a very strong sense of justice. He is still a small child, but he inspects various things on Earth with his specialty skill, Non-Destructive Inspection. Through his dedication to NDT he protects our safe and peaceful way of life.


Deep within space exists the, “Non-Destructive Planet”, where Nondie is from. Along with his parents and many others, the inhabitants of the Non-Destructive Planet protect and care for many planets throughout the universe. Those living there are charged with the great responsibility of protecting the peace and safety of planets throughout the universe.

Every day, Nondie attends the Non-Destructive School, where he studies hard in hopes of becoming a great protector someday. One day, an announcement from the Principal was made for an emergency meeting at Nondie`s school. The Principal was always known for being upbeat and friendly but today looked very nervous. “Have you heard of a planet called Earth?”, he said with a hesitant tone. The Principal went on to say that the people of Earth are very smart and possess many technological achievements. Over their short history, they have invented vehicles that can carry many passengers, complex computers, enormous buildings and so on. As a result, the Earth has become a developed planet with a comfortable way of life. At the same time however, because of these achievements the earth has become full of danger from accidents of breakdown of materials. In addition, the people of Earth throw away things as soon as it becomes outdated or damaged.

Nondie was full of sadness at the thought of how Earthlings threw away things so carefree. “If this were to continue, it would surely ruin the Earth”, thought Nondie. The principal went on to say, “So we decided to appoint a representative from this school to Earth. It is our hope that they will help make the Earth a safe and peaceful planet.”. The murmurs of the students could be heard throughout the halls. It was only natural for them to be scared as none of them had left their family and friends to go to a distant planet before. Nondie, on the other hand, had heard stories from his parents about Earth though. The endless blue sky as far as the eye can see, the clear waters and beautiful sea, the colorful plants and flowers, many species of animals, and the love that families share. Nondie did not want to see these wonderful things disappear, so with determination, raised his hand and said, “I will go to Earth!”.

Nondie was always known for being shy and a bit of a crybaby so the hall abruptly became quiet at the shock of his decision. “I must go to Earth in order to prevent further danger and to teach the people of Earth the value of preserving and treasuring that which they have.”. The Principal clasped Nondie`s hands thanked him for his bravery and kindness towards the Earth and its inhabitants.

Shortly after, the day for Nondie`s departure had come. His parents approached him with a final gift to aid him. Not knowing what it could be, Nondie opened the box in anticipation to reveal something he never expected. His eyes grew big as he realized his parents had given him their family`s treasured cloak. Passed down from generation to generation, the cloak was red symbolizing the strong fiery will that can never be defeated by fear or hardship. When Nondie put the cloak on he felt as if he was brimming with courage even if he didn`t understand the reason why. Holding onto the belief that he could help the Earth through preservation and the power of Non-Destructive Testing, Nondie said good bye to his friends and family and left for Earth.